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What's new in TamoGraph 8.1 for Windows

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What's New:

The key feature that has been added to the products is support for the new tri-band (2.4, 5, and 6 GHz) USB adapters: NETGEAR A8000 and Alfa AWUS036AXML. 


With this update, you are no longer limited to the integrated Intel adapters that used to be the only option if you wanted to survey or analyze 6 GHz (Wi-Fi 6E) networks (and Intel adapters were not easy to work with due to their regulatory domain restrictions, as described in our blog post).

TamoGraph Site Survey and NETGEAR A8000

Now you have access to all the essential tools for working with the latest Wi-Fi technologies globally. If you require tri-band spectrum analysis, be sure to check out WiPry Clarity by Oscium; It seamlessly integrates with our software and provides excellent results.


Other improvements in TamoGraph include:


* New 6 GHz antenna patterns for the latest AP models to be used in RF modeling.
* Improved PDF report generation.


Just in case you missed our announcements about TamoGraph updates this summer, here are a few features we've recently introduced:


* Virtual APs can now use three radios rather than two.
* A major improvement in the auto-placement algorithm performance. Auto-placing APs has become up to 100 times faster with GPU acceleration.


On macOS, support for the tri-band USB adapters mentioned above will be added to TamoGraph within a few months.


Finally, both TamoGraph and CommView for WiFi can now be installed and used on Windows computers with ARM CPUs.

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