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What's new in TamoGraph version 8.0

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What's New in 8.0:

* Added support for the new 6 GHz Wi-Fi band (Wi-Fi 6E). This includes predictive modeling as well as passive and active surveys. Support for Wi-Fi 6E includes the latest Wi-Fi technologies and standards, such as Multiple BSSID elements and the new power spectral density (PSD) rules, among others. In the Windows version, support for 6 GHz passive surveys requires a 6E Wi-Fi adapter, which currently includes Intel AX210, AX211, and AX411. In the macOS version, support for 6 GHz passive surveys using the built-in Wi-Fi adapter requires a 2023 MacBook model (released just in late January 2023) and will become available in the next build.


* Added support for two new USB spectrum analyzers, WiPry 2500x and WiPry Clarity by Oscium. WiPry Clarity supports 6 GHz spectrum analysis. Note that you can mix different spectrum analyzer models, for example, you can use Wi-Spy by MetaGeek and WiPry Clarity by Oscium simultaneously, which will make spectrum sweeping faster.


* Improved DWG file import; the latest DWG formats (up to Autodesk AutoCAD 2023) are now supported.


* Added support for numerous 802.11ax adapters. USB: D-Link DWA-X1850, ASUS USB-AX56, and FusionFutures AX1800. Integrated: Intel AX411.


* Implemented more flexible control over object selection in predictive models. You can now include/exclude specific object types from the selection.


* Added functionality to re-link Multi-SSID APs even after conducting a survey.


* Added the new "TamoGraph Site Survey (Predictive only)" shortcut to the TamoGraph group in the Windows "Start" menu. When you launch TamoGraph using this shortcut, the application doesn't attempt to use your Wi-Fi adapter and doesn't require administrative privileges. You can use this mode when all you need is RF planning, without conducting surveys.


* Updated MAC vendor list.


* Fixed the problems with loading OSM street maps and searching by address.


In April 2023 TamoGraph added support for 6 GHz (Wi-Fi 6E) surveys on MacBooks. Remember that you need a 2023 MacBook model to use this functionality.


In July 2013 TamoGraph got a major improvement in the speed of the auto-placement algorithm. Auto-placing APs has become up to 100 times faster with GPU acceleration.

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