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What's new in TamoGraph version 7.0

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What's New in Version 7.0:

  • Support for visualizing secondary and tertiary coverage. Checking coverage provided by the 2nd or 3rd strongest AP is now easy: Use the “AP Rank” button on the toolbar.
  • Blazing fast GPU-based computations. TamoGraph can now use your GPU’s computation power to accelerate computing complex predictive models. This functionality requires 64-bit Windows or macOS and a discrete or integrated graphics adapter that supports OpenCL 1.2 or higher, which includes almost all of the modern graphics adapters.
  • Background pre-computing of visualizations. If TamoGraph is idle, it can still pre-compute complex models in background, so by the time you want to take a look at a visualization, it may have already been computed and ready to be displayed.
  • Easy antenna rotation without accessing AP settings. No need to open the virtual AP properties dialog to change the antenna azimuth.
  • As always, a few other improvements and bug fixes.

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